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Congrats to Miyavi…

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

This guy is just full of surprises.

Last March, I didn’t know that he got married to melody.

Miyavi, melody. Married.

Thu, March 26, 2009 (3:59am EDT)

Newspapers have just reported that rock musician Miyavi (age unknown) and singer melody. (27) are married. It is also said that melody. is currently pregnant. The couple apparently held a private wedding party, but so far details have not been revealed regarding the date of their marriage or the length of their relationship. Miyavi is expected to make a direct announcement to his fans during a concert in Tokyo on April 5.

Source: Tokyograph

He also surprised me that he was already a father. o.o


Kyaaah~! Hontoni kawaii! ^.^m/

Miyavi, melody now parents

Thu, July 30, 2009 (2:52am EDT)

Rock musician Miyavi revealed through his official website on Thursday that he and former singer melody. have just become parents. The 27-year-old melody. gave birth to a daughter on Wednesday afternoon, a week later than expected.

The couple’s marriage took everyone by surprise when it was discovered this past March, shortly before Miyavi was planning to announce the news to his fans.

Miyavi is scheduled to launch his second world tour on September 14, which will include his first shows in Russia and Italy, among other countries.

Source: Tokyograph

Now… he surprised me again

Miyavi with new haircut


From Mu-mo.

I guess being a father changes something eh? But I wouldn’t like him to be softy in his music. LOL

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