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Chung Yun-ho of TVXQ Asiae Interview

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I’ll just rest for awhile in posting about Soulmate. In the meanwhile here’s Jae’s hubby… Appa~!

Chung Yun-ho of TVXQ

Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong 기자nine@10asia.co.kr
2009.09.09 12:06

Being an idol in the 21st century is more than about just singing and dancing on stage. Whether fans want it or not, they [the idols] want to go outside the stage and experience more things in the bigger world. In fact, there actually are many instances where they made it to succeed as actors or other types of celebrities. And TVXQ, an idol pop group that has 800,000 fans, the largest number in the world, is no exception. Starting with the 2006 movie “Vacation”, Hero Jae-joong has finishing shooting a telecinema “Mailman of Heaven” and Max Chang-min has been cast as the lead in drama “Paradise Farm”. And on Wednesday, in MBC’s new TV series “No Limit”, TVXQ leader U-Know Yun-ho, whose real name is Chung Yun-ho, makes his official acting debut. <10Asia> attended a press conference held by the crew and cast of “No Limit” last week where the Yun-ho held an official interview.

Question: Honestly, what is going to happen to TVXQ?
Chung Yun-ho: I honestly can’t tell you anything for now but more than anything, I hope everything works out well in a reasonable way.

Q: But isn’t it difficult for things to work out well?
Chung: I don’t know why you keep thinking negatively. (laugh) In fact, there are a lot of bad rumors. So I’m worried a lot of those rumors might mess up stuff that might work out well. I wish you wouldn’t believe those rumors.

”]TVXQ leader Jung Yun-ho [Lee Jin-hyuk/10 Asia]Q: Did the members give you any support or advice about shooting a drama?

Chung: I pull a lot of all-nighters when shooting the drama so they text me a lot. They send messages like “Hey, you better do well”. And when I run into them at our house, they ask things like “Did you do well today? How was it?” I tell them to go easy on me, since it is my first time and I am very nervous but trying to do my best and they’re like, “Yeah, we’ll go easy on you.” They say things like that but anyway, they are very supportive.

Q: How does it feel shooting your first drama?
Chung: I lived as a singer for five years. But acting is a first for me. It’s new and fun. I feel like I’m developing as an actor and working with the director and writer on a project in itself is like a life lesson for me.

Q: I heard you had been looking through several scripts before deciding to star in this drama. What is the reason you chose to do “No Limit” out of those?
Chung: I myself found out through the news which dramas I was rumored to be cast in. Honestly speaking, when I read the article, I was like “Oh, I’m cast in this drama?” (laugh) The solo activities of each member were decided on last year after the Tokyo Dome concert. I got to see “No Limit” while taking a break and I thought “I know I’m not cut out for this but I want to try it.” I was attracted by the title. Then I read the synopsis and really wanted to do it. We’re in shooting right now but honestly I lack in a lot of things. I’m trying to do better so I hope the viewers go easy on me.

”]More than an idol: Jung goes topless and does kissing scenes in No Limit [MBC] Q: How did you feel meeting director Park Sung-soo for the first time?

Chung: I felt more like I was meeting the guy next door or an older cousin, rather than meeting a director. I think we had similarities, like not giving up after experiencing several life-or-death incidents. I have a lot of scars on my face and body and I’ve had a lot of serious injuries too. And before debuting, when I moved to Seoul from Gwangju, I worked part-time jobs and lived on the streets by myself. Now that the hard times have all passed by, I feel like there’ll be good things for me in the future.”

Q: Your kissing scene with Lee Yoon-ji has been revealed. How did you feel shooting it?
Chung: It’s a CPR scene, not a kissing scene. Ugh, the viewers are going to misunderstand. (laugh) More than anything, I was really nervous when I went to bed the night before shooting. I’ve never had my lips touch [anyone else’s] in a drama or TV show. So I was honestly worried what would happen if I get nervous. But when we went into shooting, Yoon-ji made me feel very comfortable, like we were real friends, so we got it over with quickly.

Q: You appear as a soccer player in the drama. Have you been interested in sports?
Chung: I really do love soccer in real life. Our director does too so we sometimes do shoot-outs in the middle of shooting. We haven’t yet decided on the winner is. In the drama, I have to show myself as a professional soccer player, not as someone who just likes soccer so I was worried whether I could pull it off. But seeing the promo video today, I think I kicked [the ball] better than I thought so I’m satisfied. (laugh)

Q: In the video, there are quite a few scenes where you are topless. Are you planning to show that masculine side of you every now and then in the drama?
Chung: First of all, I was surprised myself. Because there were a couple of scenes where I had to take my clothes off when I wasn’t ready to. (laugh) If I had known, I would have tried harder to look better.

”]Singer-turned-actor Jung Yun-ho [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Q: I heard you didn’t have much time to prepare for your role. What parts do you feel you lacked in?
Chung: Particularly when I had to a shoot a scene that I haven’t experienced before. There was a scene where I had to be handcuffed and because I was never a troublemaker who had to be taken away, I didn’t know the emotions necessary in shooting the scene. You can’t do it with imagination alone. My character Cha Bong-goon is, in a way, a cute kid, and also a cool, enthusiastic, animalistic kid. Ah, but not smart. (laugh) So, in some ways, I think he’s like me so I tried to express him just the way he is. I’m trying to show, as well as I can, how much Cha wants to play soccer and how badly I want to act well. And moreover, I think having the viewers enjoy what they watch this is what comes first.

Q: Because you have officially started acting, a lot of people are going to write criticisms about you too. Are you ready for that?

Chung: I think it’s only natural. It was the same when I first debuted and I think I can only mature when there are people to hand me the stick. Now is the time to go through the growing pains and I think all the talk comes from attention. I think it would be great if people criticize me more while supporting me too. And if such criticism is all for “No Limit”, then there is nothing to worry about at all.

Q: If you could give a score on your acting so far?
Chung: I saw it as it is properly for the first time today. When I was watching the teaser video, I thought, “Ugh, what should I do”. But from what I saw today, maybe about a 50. (laugh) The drama isn’t out yet so I think it would be presumptuous of me to talk about my own acting. But the senior actors told me that acting becomes deeper and broader the more you do it. I want to build up on my score, little by little, starting from zero.

Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong
Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk
Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr, Lee Ji-hye
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Source: Asiae

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