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We are Soulmate! And We Can’t Power Dance!

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Aha~! I knew it! It took an expert to analyze them and let it all out!

When I said in my spazz about Jaejoong and Yoochun’s performance on Boy Pop Factory that they should not let this pair, for the love of God, dance together, I was dang right. *slams keyboard*

Sam-san Reported Tohoshinki Story About Japan Live Tour

Jaejoong: There were the steps that he couldn’t do it, but until now he conquers all of them. For this concert, the step for refrain part of「Survivor」was one of them.

Yoochun : Compare to other members, he really has no physical strength. Whenever it reaches the end part, he always totters. I call it horsepower’ type. The first day at Dome, his condition was not good. I thought to myself that he was going to collapse. He was strong!(^^)

Source: http://dbsknights.blogspot.com/2009/08/news-sam-san-reported-tohoshinki-story.html

The mention of Surivor made me O.O Yeah. Who put that f*cking tap dance in the choreography anyway? But can you please let them dance 9095  over & over again? I just wanna get that bending on the mic stand part. LOL

What I really mean is that JaeChun can dance, yes. Anyone can, even if he/she has two left feet like me. But there are those who are lucky enough to do power dancing with much agility just like Junsu. We all have our weaknesses and I believe JaeChun’s is to power dance.

Well no need to fret on this because look who’s got an album release this month? 🙂 It just shows the other side of Soulmate which is the strength of singing and composing laid back style.

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