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Internet, I Cant Live Without You

It sounds like I was about to dedicate  a song but really…

I would die without internet.

Everything I could thing of…

Is the internet.

Everything I want to do…

Involves the internet.

Everything I want to know…

Is in the internet.

Everything I want to see…

Is on the internet.

Everything I could listen to…

Streams on the internet.

I love the internet!

Yes I did make a rap/song out of it. My little sister tells me that I should get a life. But I do have a life–a social life. When my friends call me, I go out but not anymore to the extent of staying until dawn. When that special person calls me and  asks me out, I oblige but again not to the point of ending somewhere far. It is just that the internet has changed me to be more aware of global phenomena and the like with just a few clicks. And I hate to admit it, I did become a good girl. LOL

So here I went slacking off not paying the bills most specially the cable TV bill so I am left without it. But never did I bother because the internet is always to the rescue! Good thing I got TVAnts, I can still watch my Japanese & Korean shows through the internet. I recommend that every netizen should have one satellite internet TV program. Who knows when you will need one?

Everything really is on the internet. With that, I have a habit of logging-in through my phone to get last minute updates and read some graphic novels online before going to sleep. Sometimes I do not know what to do when there is no internet. I even forget what was my life before being a netizen. I do not even know if that sucks.

But there is one quote that keeps the fire in me to be alive in the cyberworld:

The Internet is a giant international network of intelligent, informed computer enthusiasts, by which I mean, “people without lives.”  We don’t care.  We have each other. ~Dave Barry

Very well said.

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