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Jae The Social Butterfly?

Just within this month, Jae has been spotted with two Japanese celebrities. Man, this guy does have a vivid & extensive social life both in Korea & abroad. LOL

First sighting was in the first week of August with Keita Tachibana, lead vocals of W-inds:

Jaejoong & Keita at the Tokyo Tower

Jaejoong & Keita at the Tokyo Tower

I wonder what those two have been doing in the Tower but Keita did mention in his blog that Jaejoong easily gets excited when they talk about music. In his term, Jae becomes “atsui” meaning hot. LOL That’s sooo really Jae. Later on after a few weeks, just this week, these two were part of the Boy Pop Factory performance.

Next is karaoke singing with AAA’s Naoya Urata, this week:


Naoya & Jae in a karaoke bar

Jae wearing a yukata is a dream come true for me because I’ve been dreaming of him as a samurai. LOL But this one is cute because he added a silence sign & a wink. It makes me wonder what is there not to tell, Joongie? His drinking buddy & BfF, Yoochun, also joined the fun.   Naoya said that they all talked about songs and had a pleasant time. The songs they sang must have been many, singing ’til the break of dawn.

I’m really excited to see Joongie having Japanese because… well… expanding his network will lead to knowing friends of friends & through that maybe he’ll end up having friends with Johnny’s stars? *ehem* I can see it isn’t that far! Although it’s a deadly combination, I want to see Arashi & Tohoshinki in some game show competing. LOL

But anyway, in his circle of Japanese friends I can conclude that aside from not going into techno  or dance clubs, Jae’s social life has a unifying cause and it’s no other than music. What else could there be? Ahhh~ yes, maybe because of the alcohol too.

Pic sources: 님과함께 + http://ameblo.jp/naoyaurata

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