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Hoping ‘Til The End & Keeping The Faith

I’ve been staring at this scenic capture below for some time and for some reason I thought of Jaejoong and Yoochun’s tattoos.


I can relate to the boys because I often go to the beach and find some quiet time contemplating and emo stuffs like that. I guess that’s the same feeling that the boys were at. Being in that island for some time gave them time to think about more hopes & dreams for themselves, their family, their career and their fans.

When the five are all together, it gives me the security that they can overcome all challenges that will pass. This I know because they will help & encourage each other to keep standing up and keeping up the fight. That’s thekind of TVfXQ that I know & love.

I can’t really be there for them in times of trouble & even if I were, there is still only little I can do. If they experience pain and see them cry, it hurts me so because I know just how hard it is to keep on going through the tough times. It’s never a shame to cry. Everyone does sometimes. Boys don’t cry but men do, as they say. And I’m happy to know that the boys grew up to be fine well-mannered gentlemen.

Whatever worries and pains them right now, these won’t always last. So many people are loving them, sharing their pains to a pea and increasing their joys a thousand folds.

I hope that they’ll be able to hold on to their sanity because beyond that ocean of blue horizon they will find their dreams. I believe that they’ll stay together until the end because they, and together with those who truly love them,  keep the faith.

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