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AADBSK3: Jae Cross-dressing for Vacation

My girl, frapbois, has updated her blog and this time it’s filled with Joongie. I wanna send my thanks to her but I don’t know Korean. Neither do I understand Korea’s language pattern when using a translation program because even if it’s already in English it still doesn’t make sense to me. Only from then I’ll have the idea if  the keywords and context clues are clear. For me Korean is waaay too difficult to learn than Japanese.


This is the look that made me fall in love with Hero because he looks like an anime character.


“I’m gonna be a bad boy. I’m gonna be a bad bad boy. I’m gonna be a bad boy.”

Yep! He’s a bad boy. My weakness. *sigh*

Running away from home, crashing his Audi R4 while under the influence of

alcohol and9 body piercings makes him near to a hardcore.

That kept me wondering why he joined a boy band.

But that was before.



So seeing this look brings me back to the first moment that I liked him.

(I really thought he was Japanese because it was in a Japanese forum.)

aadbsk3_joongie_post04Haha! I love that pout.

His mannerisms include pouting while staring from afar or thinking about something.

Sometimes it’s also added with a hand or finger on his mouth.



Hero cross-dressed in their banjun drama, Vacation, because

his character needs to hide from some Mafia.

aadbsk3_joongie_post05Kekekekeke~~ He’s beautiful than moi.



Some close-up…?

aadbsk3_joongie_post01Ahhh~! Even more beautiful!

The close-up is for us to see his mascara & metallic eyeliner! LOL

That’s sans the wig. But what if there is?

aadbsk3_joongie_post02Haha! Our beautiful princess!

aadbsk3_joongie_post03Become shy all of sudden? Yunho staring too much?

If “she” was my classmate in school, there’s a possibility that I wouldn’t befriend her. Beautiful girls are too popular with guys and that would be bothersome if I would act as a bridge. I was the cool nerdy type classified with the rockers sooo… It wouldn’t work.

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