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Excited Over JaeChun’s COLORS Melody & Harmony NHK Performance

I just got an update from AVEX this morning:


9/7(月)にNHKホールにて収録します、NHK『MUSIC JAPAN』に、JEJUNG&YUCHUN(from東方神起)の出演が決定致しました。

日時:9/7(月) 19:30 開演



下記URL「MUSIC JAPANホームページの「番組観覧」をクリックして下さい。
http://www.nhk.or.jp/mj/ (PCのみ)


Source: http://toho-jp.net/info/index.html#090810

And to translate as to what I’ve understand:

JEJUNG & YUCHUN (of Tohoshinki) NHK ‘MUSIC JAPAN’ Performance

Jejung & Yuchun (of Tohoshinki) will be performing in NHK “MUSIC JAPAN” on September 7, Monday.

Day and time: 9/7 (Monday) 19:30 start
Place: NHK hole (Tokyo & Shibuya)
Application deadline: 8/17 (Monday) 23:59

As for details with regards to viewing applications please refer to the link below.
* There are when times when program HP update is not available due to the time zone it was accessed.

For application methods refer to this ↓↓

For PCs:
Please click “program viewing” of the URL mentioned below. It’s “MUSIC JAPAN” home page.
http://www.nhk.or.jp/mj/ (only PC)

For mobile phones:

Menu→TV→NHK→ viewing

I really do like Jaejoong & Yoochun as a singing couple. I think Jaejoong puts some level of relationship on his members. I can see him writing songs with his BfF Chunnie and playing along with him but that’s just it. It’s different when it comes to Yunho though, there is always this romantic mushy thing going on between those two that I couldn’t understand. I feel excited when they are together like they are some couple. Yeah, I am weird. I don’t care if the are gays. As matter of fact I’ll love them more if they are! LOL That’s because I’m a yaoi fan.

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